Madison Design Studios was formed in 2001 from the creative vision of artists Terri Long and Paul Schuplin. We had the idea to combine our expertise in the fields of hand-lettering and graphic design to create distinctive works of art in etched glass. We started by making a series of ornaments that would eventually become the Flakes and Flurries collection. We then started to make one-of-a-kind vases and bowls which we had entered into various shows and competitions which garnered us some attention from our peers as well as a few awards. 

You will find these as well as some other interesting pieces contained in the Gallery section of this website. Besides the Flakes and Flurries collection, you will find many of our recent offerings displayed (and available for purchase) within our Online Store.

We agreed from the start that we wanted to be proud of each piece that bears the name of our studio. With that in mind, we knew that each piece of artwork had to be created by hand using the latest in etching technology to insure we achieved the cleanest, most intricate designs possible. We knew that we had to use the highest quality glass we could find and that it would have to be hand inspected to make sure that it was virtually free of chips, cracks, and bubbles. Whenever possible, most pieces will bear the mark of our studio, shown above, to verify that it has been produced to these exacting standards.

In the coming months we hope to embark on some new adventures by introducing our corporate gifts and awards program as well as some exciting new product lines based on our experiments with glass fusing.

It is our sincere hope that each creation that bears our mark reflects the best in quality and creativity that we have to offer and we are proud that you would want to make Madison Design Studios be part of your home.